Working Out at the Gym

Working Out And Going To The Gym – A Love Story

Building muscle is a passion of mine. While 90% of guys hate the pain they feel from working out, for me, I’m a lover of this feeling. Pain to me equals growth. It equals blazing my own trail. Taking on the road less taken. And embracing a world that I’m creating. It’s a world where I’m in full control of my health and the way I look and feel.

Working out really is a true joy of mine. It’s funny when I share this with people because they just don’t understand how I can attach such positive feelings to something that can and often is very painful. But when I go deeper into the results and the way I feel away from the gym, guys start to get caught up in the passion I feel for working out as well.

But my joy for working out, use to be a real frustrating experience. That was a long time ago now. But I can still remember the pain and frustration I use to feel. I would hate working out. In fact I would loathe working out. When it was my designated gym day, I would feel anger building inside of me and all I wanted to do was revolt against working out.

Luckily for me, this changed when I read a guide, which really opened my eyes to working out and started sparking those feelings of joy for building mass. This guide was named MI40 and was created by top IFBB bodybuilder Ben Pakulski.